The Environmental Crisis

The Environmental Crisis

A Challenge for African Christianity


Book Overview

As human history enters the twenty first century and the third millennium, it is important for peoples of all cultures, nations and religions to reflect critically on the paths we have trodden, the risks we have taken, and the prospects of our future generations. The future challenges us to take responsibility for the errors we have made. Technological achievem- nt must be measured against its negative impact on the environment It is only after careful environmental impact assessment that human progress can be claimed. The future of humanity depends largely on the effective management of the natural resources with which planet earth is endowed.

In this book Dr. Samson Gitau analyzes the environmental crisis from the perspectives of the African cultural and re- ligious heritage, Christian teachings and the Bible. He shows that insights from the African heritage can help in the rehabilitation of the environment which has be- come perilously degraded in the pursuit of material prosperity.

Samson Gitau is Lecturer in the Department of Religious Studies, University of Nairobi, Kenya.

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