Charismatic Renewal In Africa

Charismatic Renewal In Africa

Book Overview

1. Charismatization Of The Mainline Churches In Ghana
Cephas N. Omenyo
2. Charismatic Movements As "Communities Of Affliction"
Laurenti Magesa
3. Charismatic Movements And The Evangelical Lutheran Church In Tanzania
Faith J. Lugazia
4. Doctrinal Relationship Between Protestantism And Charismatic Renewal
Mika Vähäkangas
5. Charismatic Movements In The Context Of Inculturation
Evaristi Magoti
6. Evangelistic And Charismatic Initiatives In Post-Colonial Africa
J.N.K. Mugambi
7. Faith And Healing In The African Context
Andrew Kyomo
8. The Elct Northern Diocese
Auli Vähäkangas
9. Apostle Paul On Charismatic Gifts
Ronilick E.K. Mchami

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Editors Mika Vhkangas and Andrew A. Kyomo
Publisher Acton Publishers
Category African Christianity
Type Paperback
Pages 0
Language English
ISBN 9966-888-99-3
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