Religious Communities In The Diaspora

Religious Communities In The Diaspora

Book Overview

1. Introduction - Gerrie ter Haar
2. The Ancient Jewish Diaspora - Johannes Tromp
3. African Diaspora in Europe - Gerrie ter Haar
4. The Palmyrene Diaspora - Lucinda Dirven
5. The Hindu Diaspora in Europe - Martin Baumann
6. Circumcision of Muslim Boys in the Netherlands - Nathal Dessing
7. African Christians in the Netherlands - Gerrie ter. Haar
8. Black Christianity in Britain - Patrick Kalilombe
9. Francophone Presence in Britain - John Beya
10. African Women in Europe - Améle A. Ekué
11. Near Eastern Communities in the Diaspora Before 587 BCE - Karel van der Toorn

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Author Valentin Dedji
Publisher Acton Publishers
Category African Religion In Global Contexts
Type Paperback
Pages 0
Language English
ISBN 9966-888-38-1
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