Responsible Leadership

Responsible Leadership

Global and Contextual Ethical Perspectives

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Leadership models and value change in a fast changing globalised world. The responsible use of power is key factor to good governance and a human life in dignity in all sectors of society. How can the respect for the cultural and religious diversity of values be combined with common perspectives of responsible leadership in the one world?

In forty contributions, ethicists and other experts from 21countries from five continents give surprising challenging answers in four areas: family leadership, religious leadership, business leadership and political leadership. A reader for church and business leaders, for politicians and journalists, for teachers, students and scholars – and parents.

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Editors Christoph Stückelberger and Jesse N.K. Mugambi
Publisher Acton Publishers
Category Responsible Leadership
Type Paperback
Pages 0
Language English
ISBN 9966-888-90-X
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