Biblical Texts And African Audiences

Biblical Texts And African Audiences

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Book Overview

Part One: Reading The Bible With African Scholars
1. The Challenge of Ngugi wa Thiong'o to African Bible Translators
2. The Tenzi of Mwalimu Nyerere: Scripture Translation in Poetic Form
Part Ttwo: Reading Tthe Bible In Specific Social Contexts
3. Bible Transaltion and Inculturation Hermeneutics
4. The Image of God and it's Implications for the Image of African Women with HIV/AIDS
5. Reading Wolof Bible With Muslims
Part Three: Bible Translation And Multicultural Complexities
6. Study Bible Notes for The Gospel of Luke in Chichewa
7. The Publishing of Christian Scriptures In Africa: Sociolinguistic Challenges
8. Bible Translation and Interfaith Relations in Africa

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Editors Ernest R. Wendland and Jean-Claude Loba-Mkole
Publisher Acton Publishers
Category Out of Print
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Language English
ISBN 9966-888-41-1
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