Marriage And Family In African Christianity

Marriage And Family In African Christianity

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Book Overview

1. Introduction
2. Reconstructing the African Family
Laurenti Magesa
3. The Crisis of Christian Marriage
Auli Vähäkangas
4. Globalisation in Africa: Its Impact on Families and Christian Responses
Evaristi Magoti
5. A Cultural Approach to a Christian Theology of Marriage
Michael R. Guy
6. Divorce in the New Testament and In Tanzania
Ronilick E.K. Mchami
7. Between the Ideal and the Real: Family in the African Synod
Mika Vähäkangas
8. Church Discipline and the Christian Family: A Lutheran Perspective
Faith A Lugazia
9. Leadership and Family in The New Testament
George M.D. Fihavango
10. Pastoral Care and Counselling to Families
Andrew A. Kyomo
11. Preparing Young People for Marriage in Africa
Sahaya G. Selvan
12. Rites of Passage and Human Sexuality in Tropical Africa Today J.N.K. Mugambi

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