Mission In African Christianity

Mission In African Christianity

Critical Essays In Missiology

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1. Shifts in Mission: An Ecological Theology in Africa - C.M. Mwikamba
2. Mission of the Church and Concern for the Environment - Mary N. Getui
3. Angels, Demons and Spirits in African Christianity - T.G. Kiogora
4. Christian Mission in the Context of Urbanization and Industrialization in Africa - J.N.K. Mugambi
5. The Challenge of the New Age Movement and Oriental Mysticism - Hannah W. Kinoti
6. The Eduational Mission of the Church: An African Perspective - D.W. Waruta
7. The Mission of the Church in Africa in the Post Cold War International Order - Laurenti Magesa
8. Prophetic Mission of the Church: The Voices of African Women - Anne Nasimiyu Wasike
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