Quests For Integrity In Africa

Quests For Integrity In Africa

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1. The Integrity of Creation Hannah W. Kinoti
2. Ethical Implications of Human Cloning - Prisca M. Wagura
3. Coping With Death in an African Context - Adam K. Arap Chepkwony
4. Land as Source of Economic Sustenance - N.W. Ndungu
5. Aics and Socio-Economic Development - Philomena N. Mwaura
6. AICs in Post-Apartheid South Africa - G.C. Oosthuizen
7. Involvement in Development Within African Evangelical and Pentecostal Churches - Zacharia W. Samita
8. The Role of African Churches in Democratization - Lydia W. Kahindi
9. Impact of Adventist Schooling on the Status of Women in Kenya - Pacificah Okemwa
10. Women’s Participation in Church-Based Organizations - Ruth Muthei James
11. Christian-Muslim Dialogue in Kenya - Newton Kahumbi Maina

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Editors Grace Wamue and Matthew M. Theuri
Publisher Acton Publishers
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