From Liberation To Reconstruction

From Liberation To Reconstruction

African Christian Theology After The Cold War


Book Overview

From Liberation to Reconstruction explores the role of Christian theology in the reconstruction of Africa. Its theme is evoked partly by the changes that have taken place during the 1960s, £1970s and 1980s, and partly by the emergence of the 'New World Order' after the end of colonialism, apartheid and the cold war.

The book introduces reconstruction as a new paradigm for p African Christian theology in the New World Order. It will be useful to theologians of ail doctrinal persuasions, considering that the task of reconstruction cannot be restricted to any religion or denominational confines. It will also be useful to both trainers and trainees in humanities and social sciences, with particular reference to Africa.

J.N.K. Mugambi is Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies at the University of Nairobi, Kenya, and a former visiting Mellon Distinguished Professor at Rice University, Houston, Texas. He is a senior consultant with All Africa Conference of Churches, Nairobi and World Council of Churches, Geneva. His other books include: Critiques of Christianity in African Literature (1992);African Christian Theology: An Introduction (1989); The African Heritage and Contemporary Christianity (1989); The Biblical Basis for Evangelization (1989); Philosophy of Religion (1988); and God, Humanity and Nature (1987). He is also co-author, editor and co-editor of several anthologies of scholarly essays.

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