The Episcopacy In Africa Reconsidered


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The author's plea in this book is for leaders of the Church, particularly bishops, to deliberately, and courageously adopt leadership styles and practices that would enhance trust between the leaders and the people; promote relationships of respect rather than of fear; infuse confidence and resourcefulness; and liberate the people of God- both the clergy and the laity-for mission. The mhudumu model of leadership encourages identification of the leader with the led, as exemplified by Jesus. Mhudumu is a Kiswahili word meaning "minister'; or, "server:' It refers to the person involved in facilitation of others towards the desired goalenabling something to happen while the facilitator and all participants feel there is a bond of affection between them.

Dr. Simon E. Chiwanga retired in 2007 as Bishop of Mpwapwa in the Anglican Church Tanzania, having served in that capacity since 1991. Before his consecration he had served as Provincial Secretary of the Anglican Church of Tanzania, based in Dodoma. His full-time work in the Church was sandwiched by some years in the Government of Tanzania. During his term as Bishop he was a member of the Anglican Consultative Council, in which he had several roles including Vice Chairman and Chairman, respectively. He has been deeply involved in the affairs of the Anglican Communion, especially during and after the 1998 Lambeth Conference. His professional training includes both Sociology and Theology. In retirement he is the Executive Chairman of the Tanzania Servant Leadership Institute.

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