Moral And Ethical Issues In African Christianity

Moral And Ethical Issues In African Christianity

A Challenge For African Christianity


Book Overview

This volume is the third in an on-going series investigating features of contemporary African Christianity. It is concerned with African moral theology and African Christian ethics. Moral theology deals with the principles that influence, or should influence the behaviour of Christians. The sources of Christian morality are Scripture, teachings of the Church, reason inspired by faith, and in the African context, some of the teachings derived from the African heritage. From the African perspective, life is regarded as an integral whole, and religion is the fabric that binds it together. The papers in this volume, although wide-ranging, should be studied with this understanding.

The volume covers various topics pertaining to moral theology, from the perspective of the contributing African theologians. The series as a whole highlights the view-point of African Christian theologians with regard to the perennial themes of Christianity in the context of contemporary Africa.

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Editors J.N.K. Mugambi and A. N. Wasike
Publisher Acton Publishers
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