Pastoral Care In African Christianity

Pastoral Care In African Christianity

Challenging Essays In Pastrol Theology


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The second edition of this volume has been re-set and re-issued in response to demand for a textbook covering a wide range of topics in pastoral theology, within the context of contemporary Africa. In those countries where professional counselling is practised widely, the help of counsellors is often sought when one's problems become overwhelming. In traditional African society this role is filled by diviners, medicine-men, mediums, seers, and other religious specialists. The majority of people in contemporary Africa continue to rely on informal counselling which is available in their own families and communities. With increasing urbanization and the consequent rise in stress, more and more people are now seeking specialized counselling services to salvage their relationships in marriage, child rearing, employment and professions. Institutions such as universities, hospitals, large companies and government departments arc increasingly appreciating the necessity of incorporating professional counselling services within their establishments. This book explores various aspects of this vital specialization.

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Editors D.W. Waruta and H.W. Kinoti
Publisher Acton Publishers
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ISBN 9966-888-12-8
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