African Christians In Europe

African Christians In Europe

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This book maps out the new Christian movements which Africans have brought to Europe. It shows not only how these churches are at the heart of immigrant life, but also represent an attempt by African Christians to evangelise what they see as a spiritual - desert the Europe of the Treaty of Maasticht.

Europe is today home to tens of thousands of migrants from tropical Africa. Many of them are poor and many struggle for the right to stay in Europe in the face of stringent immigration laws. How do often penniless immigrants from Africa survive in the European Union, economically and psychologically?

Many of these new migrants are Christians who have established churches throughout the European Union. These churches are at the core of their social life. While the new churches created by African on European soil reflect many of the traditions of the indigenous churches in Africa itself over the last century, they also reflect newer trends in world Christianity, including the modern resurgence of pentacostalism and charismatic belief.

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Gerrie ter Haar



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