Applied Ethics And Africa's Social Reconstruction

Applied Ethics And Africa's Social Reconstruction

Book Overview

The first objective of this study is to explore the relationship between development theories, culture and religion with the goal of unveiling the causes of Africa's economic crisis. The book explores some of the problems and proposes possible solutions that can overcome over-dependence on foreign aid which has failed to eradicate poverty.

This exploration is intended for motivating discussion and critical reflection among students, activists and scholars attempting to evaluate the effectiveness of various methodologies adopted to promote development in Africa and eventually to propose approaches that can reinforce localized initiatives. The second objective is to develop reconstructive ethical framework that can mobilize Africans to promote economic development.

Approaches proposed in this inquiry evolve from African experiences. The deal with mechanisms of sociopolitical organization and the influence of religion and culture on economic dynamics. This framework challenges us to ascertain that the promotion of economic development is done with due respect to the evolving cultural and religious traditions.

The main argument focuses on the claim that economic development is closely influenced by world views, social relationships, belief systems and social organization. The empirical realities of economic activity are determined by mental frameworks and outlooks.

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Aquiline Tarimo, S.J



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