Applied Ethics In Religion And Culture

Applied Ethics In Religion And Culture

Contextual and Global Challenges

Book Overview

Religion and culture are indispensable in the quest for a new Global Ethic free from patronage and condescension. The essays in this book are critiques of various aspects of social ethics in global governance. The book begins with a reflection on Care and Compassion as norms essential for peaceful co-existence among individuals, communities and nations. Social influence at all levels ought to be shared, not dispensed.

For a Global Ethic to be broadly accepted among, between and within nations, it must be directly applicable at the local, national and regional levels. Thus the quests for a Global Ethic should interest not only the minds of thinkers, but also the institutions in their respective nations, cultures and religions. Institutions intended for global governance ought to be consistent with the principles of equity and empathy, taking into serious consideration the interests of both, the poor and the rich, the powerless and the powerful.

To be practicable and relevant, a Global Ethic must be derived from local experiences and learning across the whole spectrum of nations, cultures and religions. The current global economic order is not sustainable. It has adversely affected the major economies and imploded on the poor individuals and communities in all nations. It has resulted in the plunder and pollution of the natural environment. New insights and strategies are long overdue in economic policy formulation and implementation, founded on moral and spiritual values, and considerate of the universal ethical principles of equity and empathy.

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Jesse N.K. Mugambi
David W. Lutz



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