Bible Translation & African Languages

Bible Translation & African Languages

Book Overview

Part One: Historical Perspectives
1. Traditions of Scripture Translation: A Pan-African Overview
2. Early Translation of Bible into Ethiopic-Geez
3. Missionary Translations of the Bible into the Zulu Language
4. Bible Translation in Lusophone Africa: The Case of Mozambique
5. Bible Translation in Spanish-speaking Africa
Part Two: Regional Contexts
6. Post-colonial Translation Theory and the Swahili Bible
7. Bible Translation in Ethiopia: Culture and Ethnicity
8. New Testament Hermeneutics and Translation in Francophone Africa
9. Locating the Priestly Christology of Hebrews in an Akan Setting
10. Christ as our Passover Lamb: Some Context Sensitivities In Translation
Part Three: General Challenges
11. African Christianity, The Bible, and Theology
12. Bible Translation in Africa: Keeping up with the Times
13. Contextualized Translations and Readings of the New Testament

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Gonsell L.O.R. Yorke
Peter M. Renju



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