Christianity And African Culture

Christianity And African Culture

Book Overview

1. Africanisation of Christianity and Christianisation of Africa.
2. The social context of Christianity in colonial and post colonial Africa.
3. Early and modern concepts of Christian mission.
4. The coming of Christianity to East Africa and the missionary understanding of mission.
5. African cosmology and Christian mission.
6. Christian doctrines and African religious beliefs.
7. Trinity and eschatology in relation to African thought.
8. Christianity and African cultural heritage.
9. Resilient values and changing practices in the African heritage.
10. African cultural and religious heritage: continuing presence and influence.
11. Religion and religions in Africa.
12. Traditional African values and norms appropriate for Christian religious education.
13. The place of African religion and culture in Kenya's education curricula.
14. Research in the African religious heritage.
15. Concluding remarks.

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J.N.K. Mugambi



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