Contextual Theology Across Cultures

Contextual Theology Across Cultures

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Contextual Christian theology is theological reflection on the human condition in a particular context or, more simply, thinking about the world we live in through the perspective of the Christian faith lived out in a particular culture. The co-authors of this book come from different backgrounds and cultures, and each has a view of the world seen through the lens of his own history and upbringing.

While one spent part of his childhood in British concentration camps in Kenya, the other grew up in England oblivious to the true nature of colonialism. United through friendship and a common Christian faith, they seek understanding of the world in which we live, operating on the principle that if the Bible and experience disagree it follows that we have not yet found the truth and have to continue looking until we do.

The book is an exchange of letters covering subjects as diverse as the cultural significance of naming, Theologies Of Liberation And Reconstruction, marriage, the crisis of authority in the Anglican Communion, poverty and foreign aid.

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Jesse N.K. Mugambi
Michael R. Guy



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