East Africa In Transition

East Africa In Transition

Book Overview

Part One: Social Sciences
1 Cultural Engineering and Human Development in Africa. - Joshua Akong'a
2. Human Relationship to Nature in African Culture - Judith Mbula Bahemuka
3. Religion and Strife - Hannah W. Kinoti
4. Leadership and Governance in Post-Colonial Africa - Karuta Kanyinga
5. Social Provision: The Case of African Societies in Transition - Octavian N. Gakuru
6. Emerging Infectious Diseases with Reference to HIV/AIDS - Charles Nzioka
7. Planning for Gender Equity in Kenya - Rose A. Mwonya
8. Environmental Management in Kenya - Washington H.A. Olima
9. Community, Culture, and Values in Congo's Rainforests. - Richard B. Peterson
10. The Role and Future of Tropical Medicinal Plants - Catherine Lukhoba
Part Two: History And Archaeology
11. Kenya's Historical Experience: An Overview - Godfrey Muriuki
12. Development of Education in Kenya - Florida A. Karani
13. The Other Conversion: Alternative Visions of Nation in South Africa - Clifton Crais
14. Force and Colonial Development in Eastern Uganda - Carol Summers
15. The Testament of Julius Nyerere - Jonathan Scott Lee
16. Non-Human Primate Behaviour and Archaeological Reconstruction - Simiyu Wandibba
Part Three: Literature And Aesthetics
17. Traditional Drama Forms and Post Colonial Artistic Identities - Suki K.K. Mwendwa
18. Coming-of-Age Stories in African Literature - Sonja R. Darlington
19. Nakedness in African Aesthetics - J.P. Odoch Pido
20. Literature in a Changing African Society - H. Oronga A. Mwanzi
21. African and American Perspectives on the Liberal Arts - Mary Bruce
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