God And Revelation In An African Context

God And Revelation In An African Context

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African peoples, alongside other peoples of all generations with good genuine religions have had a sound saving knowledge of the One, True God before Christianity was introduced to them. This is so because the Divine Spirit responsible for this inspiration is not restricted to Christianity. Rather, it is incarnated in every sound and good religion in all the ages of humankind. The main conclusion of my Doctoral Thesis as summed up above has already raised healthy debate in various circles in Kenya and elsewhere. It is hoped that this book will be accessible to more readers than the original Thesis, and that it will raise vigorous discussions on this and related themes.

“This book is a challenge to all those involved in mission and dialogue in Africa. They are cautioned to avoid the temptation to demand of prospective African converts to abandon their religious heritage as a prerequisite for admission to the Church of Christ. Rather, prospective converts to the Christian faith should be encouraged to digest the Gospel in accordance with their own understanding within their respective cultures. Only through this process can the Gospel become internalized cross-culturally.”
Prof. Frans Wijsen, Radboud University, Netherlands.

“This book imposes on the reader an argument so forcefully articulated that it I difficult to refute. Anyone involve in Christian missionary activity in Africa would be wise to take the book very seriously.”
Prof. J.N.K Mugambi, University of Nairobi, Kenya

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Samuel G. Kibicho



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