Interacting With Scriptures In Africa

Interacting With Scriptures In Africa

Book Overview

PART ONE: BIBLE AND SCHOLARLY RESEARCH 1. African Bbiblical Hermeneutics And Bible Translation - Gerald O. West
· Introduction
· Methodological Impulses in African Biblical Hermeneutics
· Ordinary African 'Readers' of the Bible
· African Biblical Translation
· The Case of 1&2 Samuel in South Africa in Three Movements
· Conclusion
2. Translating And Christianizing African Deities: Okot p'Bitek's Challenge - Aloo Osotsi Mojola
· Introduction
· Achievement of Okot p'Bitek's Two Songs Song of Lawino
· Hellenization/Christianization of African gods
· 'Must God Remain Greek? Afro-Cultures and God-Talk'
· Conclusion
3. Quest For Theological Lexicons In African Languages - Josee Ngalula Tshianda
· Introduction
· "Semantic Misunderstanding" in a Missionary Context
· Constitution of Christian Theological Lexicons
· The Alleged Poverty of Some Languages
· The Alleged Hierarchy of Languages in Christianity
· Conclusion
4. Notes On Holy Spirit For A Kikongo Study Bible - Jean-Claude Loba-Mkole
· Introduction
· Meaning of the Term Spirit
· Spirit of God in Judeo-Christian Traditions
· Kimbanguist Church and the Holy Spirit
· Practical Notes for Dialogue on the Holy Spirit
· Conclusion
5. Notes On A Lyricized Version Of The Lord's Prayer In Chichewa 81 - Ernst R. Wendland
· Introduction
· Stylistic features of Chewa ndakatulo poems
· Translating the Lord's Prayer into Chichewa
· Analysis of Translations: Four Texts Compared
· The Lord's Prayer-Lyricized in Chichewa
· Reflections on functional issues
· Conclusion
6. Developing Akan Study Bible Material On 1 Corinthians 11.2-16 - John David Kwamena Ekem
· Introduction
· Exegetical discussion of 1 Corinthians 11: 2-16
· Implications for the preparation of study bibles in the Akan (Ghanaian) context
· Conclusion and Recommendations
· Questions for study and discussion
7. Producing A Scripture Audio-Cassette For Teens In Yaounde - Dieudonne P. Aroga Bessong
· Introduction
· Materials and method
· Historical and religious context
· Details of the research context
· The texts chosen
· General Exegetical Considerations
· Exegetical specifics and audience understanding
· Conclusion
8. The Ggospel And The Media In Kinshasa - Ferdinand Banga Jalum'weci
· Introduction
· The massive contact of Kinshasa People with the Biblical Texts
· Christian Churches of Kinshasa and the Increased Thirst of the Gospel
· Conclusion
9. Communicating Scriptures Through African Performing Arts - Kathleen Jenabu Noss
· Introduction
· History of artists communicating messages to audiences
· Communication through the arts
· Representing biblical texts through the arts
· Case studies
· Conclusion
10. Non-Print Media And The Role Of Translation Consultants In Africa - Lynell Zogbo
· Introduction: the common goal
· The TC's role in UBS media productions
· Final words

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Jean-Claude Loba-Mkole
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