Intercultural Hermeneutics In Africa

Intercultural Hermeneutics In Africa

Book Overview

1. Introduction
2. The New Testament in African Christianity
3. The Methods
4. The Procedures
5. Paul’s Exhortation on Christian Solidarity
6. Paul’s Speech at the Areopagus
7. Temptation Narratives in an African Context
8. Cleansing Of the Temple: A Reconstructive Re-Reading
9. Lessons on Conflict Resolution from Matthew’s Church
10. The Healing of the Leper: Its Relevance to the Hiv/Aids Pandemic
11. Lessons On Leadership Roles in African Christianity
12. Scriptures and Women: African Sacred Narratives and Pauline Texts
13. Inter-Cultural Christologies among Yoruba and Igbo Christians

Additional Information


Ukachukwu Chris Manus



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