Islam Among The Swahili In East Africa

Islam Among The Swahili In East Africa

Book Overview

1. Introduction
· Understanding Islam through Muslim Experiences
· Swahili Places Visited for Research
· The Reality of Spiritual Beings
2. Historical Study Of Swahili Identity
· Introduction
· Eurocentric Views of Swahili Origin
· Arab-Origin Theories and the "Swahili"
· Aftermath of Colonialism and the Swahili Nationalism
· Shirazi Problems
3. The Origin Of Waswahili
· Early Swahili Societies in Shungwaya
· The Identity of Shirazi
· The Identity of Waungwana
· The Decline of Swahili Civilization and Identity Crisis
· Seeking to Establish Self-Identity
· The Waswahili: A Cultural Perspective
4. Indigenization Of Islam In The Swahili Cultural Context
· Introduction
· Conversion of Shungwaya Peoples to Islam
· Religio-Cultural Expressions of Swahili-Islam
5. Muslim Beliefs In Jinn
· Introduction
· The Origin of Beliefs in Jinn
· Jinn in the Islamic Tradition
· Folk Beliefs and Experiences of Jinn
6. Swahili Spirits
· Introduction
· Swahili Terms for Jinn
· The Muslim Jinn: Maruhani
· The Jinn: Inherently Harmful Spirits
· The Jinn for Sorcery: Majini ya Uchawi
· African-Traditional Spirits: Mizimu ya Jadi
7. Shamanism And Jinn-Possession Cults
· Introduction
· Shaman and Shamanism
· Illness and Healing in Shamanism
· Muslim Shamanism and Jinn Possession
8. The Swahili Therapeutic Ritual Of Spirit-Possession
· Introduction
· Divination and Spirit Possession
· Prescribing Spiritual Medicine (Dawa)
· Kilinge (Ritual Place)
· Meaning of Ngoma ya Kupunga Majini/Masheitani
· A Performance of Ngoma ya Kupunga Majini/Masheitani
9. Swahili Experience Of Jinn-Possession
· Introduction
· Defining Spirit Possession from an Emic Perspective · Spirit Possession and Physical Pains
· Spirit Possession and Emotions
· Aftermath of the Therapy
· "Normality" of Spirit Possession
· Centrality versus Peripherality of the Therapy of jinn-Possession
· Adorcism, not Exorcism
10. Conclusion
· Swahili-Islam as an African Expression of Islam
· Therapeutic Cults as Crucial Components
· An Anthropological Approach to Islam
· Suggestions for Further Studies

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Caleb Chul-Soo Kim



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