Joyfully † Christian Truly African

Joyfully † Christian Truly African

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Through this book the reader will get a glimpse of the very wide scope of John G. Gatu's theological thinking, stretching over nearly fifty years. Several themes recur throughout the book. One of these has formed the title of the book - 'Joyfully Christian Truly African'. In Gatu's view, there is neither the need nor the necessity to 'apologise' for one's racial, ethnic and cultural identity.

The identity into which one is born is a divine endowment. At the same time, when one becomes a Christian, one must integrate the new faith into one's natural and cultural identity in such a way that one becomes a 'New Creation.' It is divine 're-creation' which is the most important aspect of 'conversion' into the Christian faith. St. Paul experienced this divine 'recreation' on the road to Damascus.

He was converted from a persecutor of Christians to a perfector of Christianity. The East African Revival Movement has been pivotal in its emphasis on conversion from the old faith into the new faith; from the Old Being into the New Being. John G. Gatu became a memeber of the Revival Movement early in his life. His convictions have shaped his service as a Pastor, Counsellor, Preacher, Teacher, Orator, Poet, Mediator, Diplomat, Theologian, Writer, Mentor.

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