Overcoming Fundamentalism

Overcoming Fundamentalism

Ethical Responses from Five Continents

Book Overview

Fundamentalism is a reality in all continents, in the world religions and in different political and economic movements and world views. It influences political, cultural, religious and economic development. “Overcoming fundamentalism” is a program. The contributors of this book do not call for military or power- related answers to fight fundamentalism.

They carefully analyse the root causes and call for Ethical responses through a value –oriented development, through respect by an active tolerance which is much more than “everything goes”, by a holistic globalization which is much more than economic growth and open markets and by new concepts of the public role of religions. The books shows the commitment of the Globethics.net to strengthen global common values while at the same time respecting the context and diversity of values.

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Heidi Hadsell
Christoph Stückelberger



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