Reconcilliation Justice And Peace

Reconcilliation Justice And Peace

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"This book is a treasure which no theological library should miss on its shelf. It is an indispensable instrument to continue the reflections started at the African Synod... This precious volume will contribute to and challenge the catechesis and practice of the Church in Africa to deepen and propagate the teachings of the Synod for Reconciliation, Justice and Peace."
– Bénézet Bujo, Fribourg, Switzerland.

"This marvelous and incisive collection of essays provides a unique insight into the prospects and challenges for the church in Africa today... Anyone who wishes to be informed about the fastest growing Christian continent in the world church needs to read this volume."
– Robert J. Schreiter, Catholic Theology Union.

"Many of the most influential Christian scholars in Africa provide creative reflection on the many ways the church can contribute to Peace and Justice... An indispensible work for all concerned with African Christianity."
– David Hollenbach, S.J., Boston College.

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Agbonkhianmeghe E. Orobator



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